The first time when I heard about coaching, my mind relates the coaching with sports coaching, or something similar to a motivational speaker that always get invited in companies to motivate the employees to do better. Even then I am not sure if I can differentiate between coaching and motivational speaker.

I am in a transitional stage of life, where I wanted to move on, but I don’t know how. I want to completely start a new life after the death of my loved one. I wanted to start embracing my passion. I recognized my passion, but I don’t know how to put it into practice and where to start.
I started to browse around hoping to find some encouragement and motivational speaker that can spark me to get excited about my passion. That’s when I found the word of coaching and I start to dig more.

Richard Chang once said “Passion is empowering. You may bludgeon it, suppress it, squash it, or lose sight of it, but it is a given, a constant. Your passion is ready and willing to provide all the stamina and inspiration you need:”. I feel like I need to have that component of energy to pursue my passion. I need to channel out my passion and putting my passion into practice. The question is how do I put all these puzzles together?

I met several coaches and speak to them to find a new frame of thinking. I was coached and it was a very inspiring moment. I feel like finding the lights after the dark journey. I started to realize my frame of thinking has changed, and I am more confident with the passion that attached to me. It feels like a confirmation of what I’ve been debating within myself, but never have the braveness to move on. All the reflective questions asked were very helpful and become my moment of reflection.

The addition to that is I started to feel easier in relating to others because I can be myself and with my transformation, I am hoping that I can inspire others. I started to share with others how I was able to get out of my confusion of life for years, the unknown what to do with my career, the coaching experience brings light to my day. The most important is to find my purpose in life, where I can push myself to contribute more to the community.

The sooner we find the purpose of our lives and able to embrace our passion, is the defining moment in life and you can go through your day more productive. Try to find a coach around your area and it is an act of being proactive in looking ahead.

Christine Monteiro

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